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A book that considers the culture of tools.

I can do what I couldn't do
Tools have this power
Fast, easy, easy
Tools have this power
Impress, entertain and soothe
Tools have this power
Only when you can use it, when you use it
Whether the tool is a tool
It's up to you

that is
Your life and way of life
I'm sure it will change

Paper-cutting: Ayumi Shimoda

Fudebako No. 40 Special Feature "Tofu" (issued April 30, 2020)

table of contents
    • ■ Special feature "Tofu"
    • Eight selections of specialty dishes with tofu

    • Yudofu Kyoto Tenryuji Temple, Seizan Sodo
    • Dengaku Tofu Kyoto Gion Nikenchaya Nakamuraro
    • Toumeshi Tokyo Nihonbashi Otako Main Store
    • Hansuke Tofu Boiled Osaka Tenma / Jinta
    • Mapo tofu Tokyo Akasaka / Sichuan restaurant
    • Inari Sushi Tokyo Ningyocho Shinota Sushi Sohonten
    • Steamed sea bream, Kanazawa, Otomoro
    • Fucha Ryori Uji / Obakusan Mampukuji Temple

    • Until tofu is made
    • Interview cooperation: Kyuzaya, Kyoto's local tofu

    • Column: What is "fujoshi" of tofu?

    • History of tofu
    • Supervision: Professor Emeritus, Tokyo Kasei Gakuin University Ayako Ehara

    • Tofu seen by numbers
    • Nutritional ingredients / consumption and price / number and size of manufacturers

    • Cook tofu deliciously
    • ――From preparation to hospitality recipes
    • Guidance: Professor Masakatsu Takemoto, Tsuji Culinary Institute

    • 36 recipes of Japanese, Western and Chinese tofu that we think of
    • Tsuji Culinary Institute, 3rd year, Advanced Cooking Technology Management Department

    • 180-day tofu and 240-day okara
    • Sato no Yuki Food Thoughts and Technology

    • Chinese tofu

    • Tofu picture book from all over Japan
    • Tofu Castella / Smoked Tofu / Takigawa Tofu / Fried Triangle Oil / Fried Tochio / Tofu Boiled / Tofu Date Maki / Komo Tofu / Tsuto Tofu /
    • Hard tofu / Tofu chikuwa / Fried dried oil / Tofu soup / Plum tofu / Tofu miso-zuke / Vegetable tofu / Shima tofu / Yushi tofu / Tofu yo

    • Famous water food culture
    • Ogi / Muraoka Sohonpo Yasuhiro Muraoka

    • Tofu prefecture, Saga
    • About Fukuyutaka / Takeo City / Wakagiya / Ureshino Onsen / Yococho Soan / Arita Town / Tofu no Takahashi / Arita Town / Honame

    • Saga tofu
    • Ukyo-ku, Kyoto City, Saga Tofu Morika

    • ■ Nikko, Kekkou, Yuba Dochu / Text, Yuka Sano, Photo, Eri Tatara

    • ■ Hands and their surroundings: Glassine / Photographs and texts Kozaburo Sakamoto

    • ■ Japanese culture "Fudebako Archives" that is handed down with beautiful photographs and both Japanese and English translations. The 20th is "Edo's food culture colored by Arita porcelain". In the Edo period, when porcelain appeared in Japan, we reproduced the dishes based on the Nishiki-e and vessels of that time, how people enjoyed their meals.

  • Popular serialization
  • ■ Plums are scents, cherry blossoms are flowers, people are hearts "/ Noh actor Shiro Nomura
  • ■ Kyoto Aesthetics Japanese Mind / Senso Cultural Institute Yuriko Kato
  • ■ Digging here Nyan Nyan / Kai Mitori
  • ■ Kappa Box / Mieko Uematsu Manto
  • ■ Dreams come true / Grimm Yuuo Hashimoto

 If you look around, the tofu shops in the city are worn out. However, tofu consumption has not changed since the city's tofu shops were at their peak. That's what I used to say.
 It has been said for a long time that the Japanese diet has become a carnivorous diet, and they have stopped eating rice and have become westernized, but for some reason tofu is a special existence.
 Eating like the old Japanese who relied on fish and soybeans (tofu) for protein, thinking that, the technique of consuming high-quality protein may be engraved in the DNA.
 It was so obvious that I had never thought about tofu. There are many things I don't know, starting with the difference between silk and cotton.
 Therefore, in this issue of the special feature "Tofu", we will introduce the history of tofu, how to make each tofu, the types of tofu and fried food, how to prepare each, and how to make it delicious.
 In addition, various tofu cooking recipes, including new Japanese, Western, Chinese, ethnic, and sweet, using tofu as the main ingredient. Please see the variety and charm of tofu such as long-established classic tofu dishes and rare tofu nationwide.

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Fudebako No. 40 Special Feature "Tofu"

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