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A book that considers the culture of tools.

I can do what I couldn't do
Tools have this power
Fast, easy, easy
Tools have this power
Impress, entertain and soothe
Tools have this power
Only when you can use it, when you use it
Whether the tool is a tool
It's up to you

that is
Your life and way of life
I'm sure it will change

Paper-cutting: Ayumi Shimoda

Fudebako No. 39 Special Feature "Japanese Sword" (issued on October 31, 2019)

table of contents
    • ■ Special feature "Japanese sword"
    • Origin of Respect-The Connection between God and Sword Mamoru Sasou, Professor, Kokugakuin University

    • Dedicated sword-Kasuga Taisha Shrine's sacred treasure

    • What is a Japanese sword?
    • Name of each part / Type of sword / Built-in / Transition of appearance

    • Genealogy of Japanese swords and Takeshi Miyazaki Masahisa
    • National treasure Odachi inscription Sadaji 5th year Hinoe uma Senjuin director Yoshi / National treasure sword inscription Sanjo (famous Mikazuki Munechika) / Spear inscription

    • Iron and Steelmaking Japan Art Swords Preservation Association
    • Steel as a sword material / Tatara operation / After the sword

    • Appreciating Japanese swords Kazutoshi Harada, director of the Fukuyama Art Museum
    • National treasure sword name Kukuni / National treasure sword name Hakuei / National treasure sword name Nagamitsu (special product Daihan Waka Nagamitsu) / Sword unsigned Masamune (special product Wakasa Masamune)
    • Sword name Kanemoto (Daisen Kanemoto) / Important Cultural Property Kunihiro (Kunihiro Kato)

    • Swords and metalwork at the end of the Edo period and the Meiji era, director of the Kiyomizu Sannenzaka Museum, Rinyo Murata

    • Making Japanese swords Blacksmith, Norihiro Miyairi Polishing, Mitsutoru Saito

    • Roundtable discussion: Shokudaikiri Mitsutada Looking back on the reproduction Tokugawa Museum

    • Visiting the hometown of the sword, Bizen Nagafune, a trip to Setouchi City

    • column
    • God and swordsmanship dedication amount / Japanese sword seen by the world / Armor of the world
    • History of Japanese sword appraisal / appraisal / Yamada family and sword name / Proverb associated with sword

    • ■ Taishū engeki genius Junya Koikawa plays sword, dance sword / Yuka Sano

    • ■ Challenge of eyeglass frame maker Charmant story

    • ■ Hands and their surroundings: Melamine sponge / Kozaburo Sakamoto

    • ■ Japanese culture "Fudebako Archives" that is handed down with beautiful photographs and both Japanese and English translations. The 19th is "Making iron with a fire pot". At the Nissho Tatara in Okuizumo, Shimane Prefecture, we showed you the mechanism and operation of ancient Japanese tatara ironworks.

  • Popular serialization
  • ■ Plums are scents, cherry blossoms are flowers, people are hearts "/ Noh actor Shiro Nomura
  • ■ Challenge of eyeglass frame maker Charmant story
  • ■ Kappa box / Mieko Uematsu
  • ■ Dreams come true / Yuuo Hashimoto

  The "sword" is supposed to be a weapon, but the Japanese sword has a spiritual "beauty" such as a heart and feelings that go beyond the main purpose.
 By knowing the history that began with the formation of Japanese swords, the changes in appearance that accompany them, and the background of the times, you can get a clue to the "beauty" of Japanese swords, and the points of appreciation will be profound.
 On the other hand, the spirit was spun in the millennium, and the spirit was inherited by the Japanese swords struck by modern swordsmiths. It seems that not all the techniques of the swordsmiths of each era have been inherited by the flow.
 Therefore, for modern swordsmiths, there are various types of "beauty" that are inversely proportional to the simplicity of the sword-making process, so it is not easy to reproduce "beauty" and create "beauty" beyond that. It is.
 With the progress of science, it has become possible to visualize various things numerically, but even so, Japanese swords still have many "secrets".
 If you look at the work of modern swordsmiths in order to clarify the "secret", I think that it will lead to the discovery of the charm and beauty of new Japanese swords.
 Take a look at the work that goes back a thousand years. 

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Fudebako No. 39 Special Feature "Japanese Sword"

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