Fudebako No. 41 "Garden"

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A magazine published by Hakuhodo.

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"Fudebako" No. 41, issued on June 25, 2021

The garden is the most familiar nature that heals our lives. This is a book that explores the future role of us while tracing the history of why we were attracted to the garden and needed it.

table of contents
■ Special feature "Garden"

A garden with Yoshiaki Nakamura, the representative of Sotoji Nakamura
Motsuji Garden / Joruriji Garden / Saihoji Garden / Daitokuji Pearl An / Rengeji Garden /
Shugakuin Imperial Villa / Domon Ken Memorial Hall / MIHO MUSEUM / KAHO GALLERY

Changes in Japanese views of nature and style in the garden
Hiromasa Nunzaki, Professor, Kyoto University of the Arts

A masterpiece of the 7th generation Ogawa Jihei, Tairyusanso

Kyoto tsubo garden
Fujitsubo of Kyoto Imperial Palace / Unnamed house Yoshida family residence / Tsubo garden in commercial space, etc.

Dialogue: A magic trick that connects architecture and nature
Architect, Professor Emeritus, Kyoto University Kishi Kazuo
Nakamura Yoshiaki Nakamura representative

The work of a gardener in Hanafyo Zouen

Talking with the garden Komao Hayashi's residence

■ Josiah Conder and Ogawa Jihei / Text, Yuka Sano, Photo, Eri Tatara

■ Hands and their surroundings: Bacon / Photographs and texts ・ Kozaburo Sakamoto

■ Japanese culture "Fudebako Archives" that is handed down with beautiful photographs and Japanese and English translations. The 21st is "Nakamura Sotoji Komuten". Introducing Japan's leading Sukiya carpenter's commitment to technology and materials, attitude and philosophy, along with construction examples.

Popular serialization
■ Plums are scents, cherry blossoms are flowers, people are hearts. "
■ Kyoto aesthetics Japanese mind / Senso Cultural Institute Yuriko Kato
■ Digging here Nyan Nyan / Kai Mitori
■ Kappa Box / Mieko Uematsu, Manto
■ Dreams come true / Grimm Yuuo Hashimoto

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