Shipping policy

Estimated delivery

After confirming your order, it will usually be delivered to you in about 10 days, but due to the nature of manual production by craftsmen, delivery may be delayed. In that case, please note that we will contact you by email.
Please note that it may be slightly delayed depending on the area and schedule.

For pre-order items and backordered items

* We will deliver according to the delivery date stated on each product page. (Delivery time is different for each product, so please check each product page.)
* If it takes a long time to deliver due to manufacturing reasons, we will inform you and consult with you by e-mail each time.

Other special sales conditions

* Delivery destination is limited to Japan.
* If the material is out of stock for a long period of time, a message to that effect may be displayed.
* Other sales conditions may be displayed on the screen.
* Sales have been suspended by using the overseas transfer service. note that.