Fudebako No. 25 "vinegar"

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A magazine published by Hakuhodo.


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"Fudebako" No. 25, issued on May 25, 2012
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■ Special feature "vinegar"
Vinegar is the oldest seasoning for humankind. In this special feature, we will look at vinegar from various angles, such as the history of vinegar in the world and Japan, excellent health functions that have been attracting attention in recent years, good usage, and reportage that visits vinegar producing areas in Japan and overseas. It was the red vinegar of Bishu that set the sushi boom in Edo, and today's Mizkan vinegar, Yuzen dyeing in Kyoto, and the large amount of vinegar consumed in making smuggled agar in Satsuma. This is a special feature of 122 pages in total.

■ Nostalgic and new buying vinegar by weight, sentence, Yuka Sano, photo, Eri Tatara

■ Bringing Japanese sounds to the world

■ Fudebako Archives "vol.5 Rape blossoms bloom in Tohoku, the work of the workshop ground oil"
Re-edited + supplemented past feature articles and translated into English. It is a preserved version to be sent to the world. This issue introduces the work of a workshop that produces discerning rapeseed oil in the mountains of Iwate Prefecture, as well as the thoughts and efforts for the reconstruction of Tohoku.

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