Fudebako Vol. Special Issue

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Biannual magazine published by Hakuhodo.

[October 11, 2011] Fudebako special issue “Beauty and skills that can be seen in Kosode” are now for sale.
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■The feature ”Kosode”
Kosode - narrow sleeved Kimono- is the predecessor of today’s Kimono and was all the rage between the Muromachi and Edo eras.
This special issue features its history and reproduces an approach to dressing Kosode and hair-making in those days based on the periods.
Its beauty is true to life. The 160 pages all make a feature of Kosode, covering the excellent dyeing and weaving techniques supported by Kosode culture and today’s Kimono-making that are trying to follow them.
■Origins of Kosode and the history of dyeing and weaving
■Wearing Kosode - genre paintings from Momoyama era to this day.
■Handover of design and the dyeing and weaving techniques that can be seen by reproduction of Kosode
Shigeki Kawakami, professor of Kwansei Gakuin University
■Hair and Makeup improves beauty in Kosode. Tomiko Minami, a traditional hairdresser
■Today’s Kosode- CHISO, the long established Kyo-Yuzen Manufacturer
■Round-Table Talk- Where is Kosode going: Hidetaro Sugimoto, Kunihiko Moriguchi and Komao Hayashi
■On the repair of Yuzen-dyed Long- Sleeved Kimono with Noshi Streamers on Silk Crepe Ground

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