Fudebako Vol. 21

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Quarterly magazine published by Hakuhodo.

[April 25, 2010] Fudebako Vol. 21 is now for sale.
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■The Feature “Trading Goods”
Let’s see what benefits trade brings in- looking back on what kind of shipping routes Japanese people in days of old used for trading. Especially focusing on Kombu (seaweed), the 116 pages of cover story feature how it was brought in, food made from seaweed developed in various regions in Japan, Hyotei in Kyoto talking about broth flavored with seaweed, Kubuirichi (the specialty dish in Okinawa), fried seaweed and its relevant stories passed on at Eiheiji, and many other interesting stories are also packed into this edition.
■The Japanese national snack, “Miyako Kombu”
Join a tour of the factory that makes Miyako Kombu, widely loved by all generations
■The country of love, the town of dreams
Travelling around Denmark, the hometown of Hans Christian Andersen, see how his literature has wielded great influence on his beautiful country.
■Fudebako ARCHIVES- Vol.1 Wajima lacquerware
Fudebako ARCHIVES are in the special edition, re-edited and enlarged the feature stories appeared in our previous volumes and all written in English to spread them to the world.

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