Fudebako Vol. 18

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Quarterly magazine published by Hakuhodo.

[March 10, 2009] Fudebako Vol. 18 is now for sale.
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■The Feature “Vermillion”
The color of vermillion has special significance for the Japanese. The 90 pages all make a feature of the color of vermillion, covering its history and relevant culture, raw-materials and color variations, the history of vermillion architecture, vermillion pigment containing nikawa (glue made of scrap cow skin) and the color of vermillion that shows up on the greenery landscapes in Koyasan and Fukiya, Okayama.
■Daruma Dolls
Seen as a symbol of perseverance and good luck, Daruma dolls typically in red and depicting a bearded man are the most produced in Takasaki where we collected various stories connected Daruma dolls, how they are produced, why they are in red, etc,.
■Vermillion ink-sticks
The vermillion ink-sticks used to be exclusive to the ruling powers and it was the beginning of the Meiji era (in 1868) before common Japanese people used them for the first time. We feature Kinoshitashousendou founded in 1872. They have specialized in high-class vermillion ink-sticks which are also loved by dignified calligraphers.
■The challenge of Mino
This is the story of an art project that took place in Mino last autumn, the town of china and porcelain. The people involved in this project vary from an artist to an antique dealer, and brainstorm creative ideas on how to get over various problems that Mino, as the place of mass production of china and porcelain, has been long struggling with.
■Limoges and France
A Japanese business man accidentally starting his business with a tiny Limoges Box shop, talks about French people’s thinking, charm and power that the provincial cities have, and delicacy that he found in Limoges.

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