Fudebako Vol. 17

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Quarterly magazine published by Hakuhodo.

[December 10, 2008] Fudebako Vol. 17 is now for sale.
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■The Feature “Doraku”
The 86 pages all make a feature of Doraku, a pottery that produces earthenware pots in Shiga, Mie prefecture, covering their excellent earthenware pots made of soil in Shiga and the enriching lifestyle that the Doraku family, who also grow rice, and brings enjoyment through the harmony of nature.
■Bunka-nabe (Bunka-pot)
Having widely been used for 60 years, Bunka-nabe enables you to cook rice perfectly. Let’s see why it was made, its manufacturing scene and how well it works, etc.
LE CREUSET cast iron and stainless cookware, pots, pans etc. and its wide range of color variation, have widely been used and loved also in Japan. We flew to France to visit their main factory located in a little village in northern France to explore the beauty of their products. With many photos of food cooked with LE CREUSET pots and pans by some of the good cooks in the village.
■Travel in depth
Actually, Taiwan is very close to Japan taking only a couple of hours by air. We want to introduce a few tourist places such as a town specializing in china and porcelain in the suburbs of Taipei.

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