Fudebako Vol. 15

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Quarterly magazine published by Hakuhodo.

[June 10, 2008] Fudebako Vol. 15 is now for sale.
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■The Feature “Umbrella”
Wagasa (Japanese umbrella) has been greatly reconsidered due to its natural materials such as bamboo or Japanese paper and its exquisite structure and beautiful design might be a summarization of Japanese aesthetics and craftsmanship. The 80 pages feature thorough exploration of its merit and traditional production flows, wagasa for Kabuki or open air tea ceremonies, stories from wagasa producers and specially designed modern WAGASA.
Founded in 1948, MAEHARA KOEI SHOUTEN, a long established umbrella manufacturer, has placed a high value on its original production process and materials. Despite the fact that imported umbrellas mainly from China account for 90% of the domestic consumption, they continuously adhere to their company policy where quality matters much more than low prices and devote themselves to producing exquisite and high quality umbrellas
■Hats made of woven palm leaves (Ryukyu Kubagasa)
This is a deep, broad brimmed hat made of plants, which prevents rain and strong sunlight and was commonly used before an umbrella.
In Okinawa, it is made from palm leaves and is called ‘Kubagasa’.We introduce a young man who dedicates himself to revitalizing and disseminating Kubagasa again. Its structure is rather simple but rich in wisdom.
■Forget something?
Visiting the Lost and Found Center of Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department that stores lot of ownerless umbrellas- it is said that approximately 300,000 umbrellas a year are left in Tokyo alone while importing about 130 million of them, which is actually more than the population, we give it another thought what the Japanese are really missing.
■Riesling Renaissance
Once again Riesling is on the rise among wine lovers as it tastes fresh and fruity and continues to gain fans all over the world. The 8 page feature on Riesling wine, covers its raw material - the characteristics and charm of the Reisling grape as well as the production regions and wineries in Germany as the home of Riesling wine.
■The Tamura family precept
Third generation chef Takashi Tamura at Tsukiji Tamura, the high-class Japanese restaurant that everyone knows due to his appearance on his cookery program broadcast on NHK, friendly but vigorous he talks about memories of his grandfather who was the founder of the restaurant, his rivalry with his father, lessons he learnt in his training years, his own dietary educations, etc.

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