Fudebako Vol. 13

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Quarterly magazine published by Hakuhodo.

[December 10, 2007] Fudebako Vol. 13 is now for sale.
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■The Feature “Yoshinogawa”
The 86 pages all make a feature of the sake brewery “Yoshinogawa” in Niigata that have run their business for 460 years, covering their entire work flows throughout the year - from rice growing that their workers are voluntarily involved in, to brewing Daiginjo-shu that takes place in deep winter, its cultural background, how to drink it and how to make a delicious stew with it, etc.
■Sake ewers or cups made of tin - “Chirori”
Tin has been long used as the material of ewers or cups for Sake as it has good thermal conductivity and excels at retaining heat, and furthermore it can absorb impurities. We visit a factory that manufactures “Chirori”- Sake ewers or cups made of tin, and introduce their passion for using tin.
■Issho-bin (sake bottles of 1.8 liters)
Issho-bin, that we casually use, must be something the Japanese can be proud of. The 6 page feature of Issho-bin, makes us recognize the great benefits and merits of it as it can be thoroughly recycled and keeps the contents in very good condition.
■The family precept
Iruka, Japan’s renowned singer and songwriter, talks light-heatedly about her family- her father as a saxophone player and her mother who supported him throughout his career, her dear husband, who has also made a great team effort with her in the field of music, her sons who are walking in their mother’s footsteps and the fun time with her grandchildren. Her family precept has been passed on from generation to generation, which is the source of her brilliant songs.
■The gold chrysanthemum lacquered box for makeup brushes
Being proud of the best materials and technologies, Wajimayazenni produced their exquisite and gorgeous gold lacquered box for makeup brushes following the request made by Kazuo Takamoto, president of Hakuhodo. The 8 pages feature the entire story from start of production to the completion - they dedicated the box to the Ise-jingu shrine and prayed for prosperity through craftsmanship.

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