Fudebako Vol. 9

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Quarterly magazine published by Hakuhodo.

[December 9, 2006] Fudebako Vol. 9 is now for sale.
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■The Feature “Silk”
Silk has been highly prized as the most precious and beautiful filament from time immemorial. The 76 pages all make a feature of silk, covering its characteristics and history, how it’s been used, silks treated by the Ise-jingu shrine or the Imperial family, visiting silk-raising farmers and silk mills in Gunma and Yamagata and the production site in Siga, that makes silk strings for traditional Japanese instruments.
■My collection - Lamborghini
One Japanese man who admires the shape and handling of this Italian-made car, and the passion of its manufacturer, talks about his enthusiasm for Lamborghini- starting his own collection of the classic cars and eventually competing in Super GT series ( a grand touring car race series promoted by the GT-Association).
■Furoshiki- a Japanese wrapping cloth
You will be able to find how clever Furoshiki is at beautifully wrapping various things, which is wisdom that the Japanese have nurtured for a long time. Musubi in Kyoto teaches how to wrap things beautifully with Furoshiki, from the basics to the advanced level.
■Hitoshi Kakizawa’s Recipes-Cooking Variations Tips for Omochi (which translates as sticky rice cake)
We usually just bake or boil Omochi, but can make a splendid dinner by adding a subtle touch to it- flavorful and colorful toppings on Omochi, deep-fried Omochi and duck hot pot with Omochi.
■The Family Precept
Genshitsu SEN, the fifteenth iemoto (the head of a family or school) of the Urasenke school of Japanese tea ceremony fame, Soshitsu HANSO, talks about memories of his childhood - he was brought up to become the fifteenth iemoto, and how his war experience in his youth - (he was drafted into military service, trained as the Kamikaze pilot and was prepared for death, and his current activities) - led to devoting himself to working for the world peace. He believes that his family traditions and principles that have been handed down from generation to generation, from SEN no Rikyu, are Harmony, Respect, Purity and Tranquility, and which have great relevancy to the world peace.

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