Fudebako Vol. 8

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Quarterly magazine published by Hakuhodo.

[Sep 9, 2006] Fudebako Vol. 8 is now for sale.
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■The Feature “Sukiya - Nakamura Sotoji Komuten (Builder)”
Sotoji Nakamura (1906 - 1997), a master craftsman specialized in sukiya-zukuri architecture, who was in charge of its design and construction. The 68 pages make a feature of his strong will and belief that can be seen in his architecture, covering constructions that the Komuten (builder) has accomplished, the second generation master craftsman, Yoshiaki Nakamura who is constantly on the move, and his daily round with his apprentices and craftsmen, and chairs made in Denmark which Yoshiaki Nakamura believes, are indispensable to the future sukiya-zukuri architecture.
■My collection - Bonbonniere
Bonbonniere is a candy box in French, which contains sweets for a gift on special occasions to thank their guests, and are also loved by the Imperial family. The 10 page feature is all about exquisite and lovely bonbonniere boxes that are collected by Tadashi Sensu, who elaborately talks about its modern history - when they were imported to Japan and its charm, and shows a wide range of his bonbonniere collections.
■Hitoshi Kakizawa’s Recipes-Cooking Variations Tips for various kinoko (which translates to mushrooms)
The best season to eat kinoko is autumn. We introduce how to precook it or how to preserve it, and Hitoshi Kakizawa arranges cooking in three ways- Kinoko fried, soup and grilled to fully enjoy its delicacies.
■The Family Precept
Architect, Kiyohiko Dan, light-heartedly talks about his father- composer, his grandfather- art historian and his great-grandfather who dedicated himself to mining engineering. Like them, he is not walking in his father’s footsteps and has paved the way to success with his own career. He says, it is the only family tradition and principles that have been handed down generation to generation.

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