Fudebako Vol. 7

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Quarterly magazine published by Hakuhodo.

[May 30, 2006] Fudebako Vol. 7 is now for sale.
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■The Feature “Iron”
Iron metal has been used since ancient times and the usage of it has been improved as we have developed. We visit various regions to see the usage of iron, its processing technology and culture with it. The 64 pages make a feature of iron metal, covering Nittoh Tatara in Okuizumo, Shimane, and Gassan Sadatoshi, one of the best contemporary Katana sword artists, and Wabocho (Japanese knife) in Sakai, Osaka, and Seiemon Onishi, a Kyoto foundry man at Sanjogamaza in Kyoto, and ‘KAMASADA’ that produces Nambeu Tekki ironware in Morioka, and the owner of Restaurant Omiya, who talks passionately about the charm of iron skillets and Kemmisaki Makoto who writes about iron bridges in Tokyo and so on.
■Ryukyu glasses produced at “Mid-air Glass Blowing Studio Rainbow”
The second generation Ryukyu glass artist, Seiichiro Inamine, who blows new life into recycled bottles and produces splendid glassware,
talks enthusiastically about how Ryukyu glassware is supposed to be.
■Hitoshi Kakizawa’s Cooking Class - how to prepare vegetables or fish with knives
He introduces various types of knives and teaches us how to use the right knife for the right ingredient.

■The Family Precept
Mitsuhiro Kurokawa, president of Toraya Confectionery, is from the 17th generation and talks friendly but passionately about Toraya's traditions and innovations.

■The Story of Working People on the Earth- German Wines
It has been said that wines made in Germany are the most elegant in the world. The 12 page feature are on wines made in Germany, its appropriate climate and soil that raises grapes and the producers’ passion to make tasty wines.

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