Eyebrow Palette

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Have you been using just one boring color on your eyebrows? The image and features of your face could change greatly depending on your eyebrows. We made our own eyebrow pallet with hopes for everyone to enjoy creating eyebrows of their ideal with our brush. By mixing any color combination chosen from 6 selections; and blending with our eyebrow brushes; you can easily create natural eyebrows. You will be able to change the colors of your eyebrows to match the colors of your hair/colors of you clothes/your mood or seasons. The colors match with different skin colors easily by mixing different colors and can also be used as eye shadow or eye liner.

Use applicationEyebrow, Eyeliner, Eye shadow
SizeNET WT.9.5g 6 colors size:63×70×13mm
Your makeup time will be more enjoyable with this pallete!

A Light brown
Easy to blend with other colors as base color. Provides natural look by using for eyebrow ends.
B Red brown
Recommended for warm colored hair style or makeup. Gives fresh and cheerful look.
C Light Gray
Recommended for ash colored/black hair style to fill out gaps. Gives soft finished look.
D Olive
Recommended with matte colored/black hair style. Gives formal look.
E Gold
Recommended with light colored hair style or blend with other colors to create natural color. Also nice to wear as eye shadows.
F Dark brown(wet & dry)
Gives defined eyebrows . Also nice to wear as water resistant eye liner.

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