Leather Brush Case Tri-fold

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Material:Cowhide / PolyurethaneA professional leather brush case! It features to prioritize the protection of the bristles and store the brushes properly for longer life. It is made of cow leather that gets even better with age, and it is a durable masterpiece crafted by Japanese craftsmen. The material used is fine shrink leather and carefully sewn up stitch by stitch in every detail. Enjoy the superb softness, suppleness, and changing leather texture that will gradually adjust to the stored brushes.

Use application Special Brush Case
Material Cowhide / Polyurethane
Size 12 brush holders External size: approx. 195 × 270mm
Our special brush cases come in various sizes and can store several brushes. Our Kinoko brushes or Fan brushes, excellent to use but not easily portable, can now be stored in their own special cases, making touch-ups on the go effortless!

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