Men’s Makeup Set

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-Tools for Men’s everyday makeup-

We are finally launching a makeup brush set focusing on men's everyday makeup.
Makeup is more and more diversified in demand.
The brushes selected in this set assist you a very natural yet long-lasting men's makeup effortlessly.

Use application Men’s Makeup Set

---  Men’s Makeup Set  ---

□Powder Brush Synthetic fiber [Hair length: 48.0 mm Total length: 173.0 mm]
A powder brush with a luxury hair volume spreads face powder all over the skin. Resistant to oily skin conditions, it creates a thin and even layer of the powder. Before applying the powder, use a piece of tissue to remove excess skin oils. First, roll out the powder on the entire surface of the bristles and then lightly press and spread it all over your face. Then, take the powder onto the brush in the same way again and gently glide. Use the hair tips to brush the skin comfortably, and the powder will adhere to the skin for a very natural look.

□Concealer brush Synthetic fiber [Hair length: 17.5 mm Total length: 152.5 mm]
A concealer brush that comfortably fits the contours of the eye area. Place the concealer on the area of concern, such as dark circles and eye bags, with the tips of the bristles lightly touching the skin, and spread the concealer using a gentle patting motion. A thin layer of concealer will give the skin a natural and healthy coverage with long-lasting makeup.

□Eye shadow brush Synthetic fiber [Hair length: 10.0 mm Total length: 145.0 mm]
This short and well-uniformed shape of the eye shadow brush makes it easy to apply an even, natural finish of eye shadow to the desired spot. Pick up a minimal amount of eye shadow as if the tips of the brush become slightly tinted. To prevent the eye shadow from smudging into the eye creases, stretch the area's skin and transfer the shadow from the hair tips to the skin, then gently tap to blend.

□Eye shadow brush Horse [Hair length: 8.0 mm Total length: 163.0 mm]
An eyeshadow brush to define the eyes for the lash line. Fill in the edge of the eyes with powder or cream eye shadow in a dark color such as black or brown to define the eyes. Avoid trying to draw in all at once. Instead, place the color with a soft and gentle touch, and blend it in little by little to create a natural eye liner.

□Eyebrow brush Badger [Hair length: 10.0 mm Total length: 145.0 mm]
This excellent eyebrow brush creates a professional, very natural look. When drawing with an eyebrow pencil, lightly sweep off the brows using the brush tips after drawing to blur the lines naturally. To finish with an eyebrow pallet only, pick up a minimal amount using the flat top surface of the brush and fill out the blank spaces following the eyebrow hair flow as if drawing each hair.

□Lip brush Synthetic fiber [Hair length: 10.0 mm Total length: 165.0 mm]
First, pick up the color by swiping the surface of a lipstick two or three times, and blend the color evenly on the tip. Close the mouth, insert the brush tip into a lip corner and draw a line from the corner to the center using the brush edge. Repeat the same for both sides of the upper & lower lips to create a neat lipliner to avoid smudging, then use the entire brush surface to fill in the lips. When using a lip balm or natural colored lipstick, fill in from the center of the lips even without drawing lipliner for an easy yet neat finish.

□Brush Cleaning Cloth WH [Size: 250 x 250 mm]
After each use, gently glide the bristles against the cloth to wipe off the excess makeup. If the brush starts to give off any bad odor or contains beads of makeup, better to wash the brush.

□Transparent Soap Color Free [Net weight: 30 g]
Soak the bristle into warm water while trying not to soak the ferrule and handle, and create foam using this soap on the palm. Gently swirling the bristle on the palm with soap foam, repeat press wash from the bottom to the tip carefully. At last, rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water. After wash, gently comb the bristle, squeeze water with a dry towel, and re-shape it. Dry the brush in a cup upright in the shade. Although cleaning brushes often is good, the most fundamental advice of keeping them in the best condition is to use them every day!

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