Kokutan Eye Shadow Brush LN

  • おすすめ

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Hair:Blue squirrel & Synthetic fiberThis brush works well for eye shadow base. Ultra soft blue squirrel is used for these bristles, providing a natural and sheer look. Also ideal for applying highlighter around the eyes or to the bridge of the nose.

Use applicationHighlighter, Eye shadow
HairBlue squirrel & Synthetic fiber
HandleWood ebony
FerruleMatte black-plated brass
SizeBrush length:137mm Hair length:27.0mm Hair thickness:9.0mm
The handles in our Kokutan -ebony wood- range are sumptuous to hold, improve as you use and are perfectly weighted for exacting control. These brushes feature precisely defined brush heads made from superior-quality blue squirrel, goat and synthetic blend.

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