J133 eye shadow Round & Flat

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Hair quality: Goat / Synthetic fiberAn orthodox shape and easy-to-use shadow brush for eye holes. The hair quality of goats and synthetic fibers is good, and you can use it from a matte texture to a shadow with glitter. The rounded tip of the tip is easy to fit in the eye hole, has moderate elasticity, and finishes with moderate color development.

Use eye shadow
Hair material Goat / synthetic fiber
Axis material / color Wood shaft / black
Metal fitting material / color Nickel brass / silver
size Overall length: (medium) 129 mm, (long) 149 mm, (short) 109 mm Hair length: 14 mm Thickness: mm

Description of size

The standard straight shaft comes in four colors: black, champagne gold, silver and white.
The long type shaft, which is easy for professionals to use, comes in two colors, black and champagne gold.
The short type shaft that is convenient to carry is available in black.

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