235 Eye Shadow Brush Round & Flat

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Hair:Weasel & Synthetic fiberThe bristles are made from a mix of weasel and synthetic fiber and provide sheer coverage which works well for frosty makeup. This brush can be used for all types of products - liquid or cream base makeup and even powder.

Use applicationEye shadow, Concealer
HairWeasel & Synthetic fiber
HandleWood black
FerruleNickel-plated brass
SizeBrush length:154mm Hair length:14mm Hair thickness:3.5mm
Our 200 brush range features a wide variety of bristles. The bristles have natural spring and have been specially crafted for complete control and accuracy. These brushes are ideal for application with cream or water-based products. It can be quite difficult to achieve the desired finish to your eye makeup with only one brush. We recommend you have three to five different eye shadow brushes. For example, brushes for eye shadow base, to blend colors and apply color to the inner or outer corners of your eyes. B120BKSM works best to create an eye shadow base, B004BKSM to blend colors and B005BKSM or 533 to apply makeup to both the inner and outer corners of your eyes.

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