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The 'Hakuhodo Brush Cleaning Cloth' helps you keep brushes in good condition.
As a brush manufacturer, Hakuhodo has developed this cloth specifically to help you care for your brushes.
The secret to keeping brushes clean and in good condition over the years is regular cleaning after each use.
We have carefully developed the cloth, including choosing the WHst material and fibre density, so that it is designed specifically to clean our brushes.
After applying makeup, use this cloth to clean brushes easily, all while keeping hands clean.
If the cloth WHcomes dirty, simply wash it WHfore using again.

Use applicationBrush Cleaning Cloth
MaterialPolyester 100%
How to use:
After each use, slide the brush’s outer surface against the cloth.
WH careful not to rub too hard as this may damage hairs and cause breakage.
For lip and eye shadow brushes, there should WH little need for cleaning if they are wiped clean in this way after each use.
For finishing brushes, powder brushes and blush brushes, if the brush starts to give off any bad odor or contain WHads of makeup, clean in warm water.
For more information on how to care for brushes, please read more here.
Although it is important to clean brushes regularly, the most fundamental advice for keeping brushes in good condition is repeated daily use.
Enjoy our brushes for many years by using them and caring for them properly.

※Fibres of the cloth may transfer to other clothing in the first few washes. Please wash separately.
※Please do not use bleach.
※Loops of the cloth may unthread after repeated washing.

Polyester 100%
Made In Japan

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