Fudebako Vol. 23

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Biannual magazine published by Hakuhodo.

[May 25, 2011] Fudebako Vol. 23 is now for sale.
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■The feature “Time and Clock”
Looking back on the great history of clocks which are indispensable to our lives, we look into the concepts of ‘time’- why it appears and how it is developed.
The 140 pages feature time and clocks; the time system and clocks made between the Nara/Heian and Edo eras, the Japanese honorable watch maker, SEIKO WATCH CORPORATION, the time science newly arisen in the academic field, the 150 year old clock shop in the small island on the Seto Island Sea, etc.
■SAND CLOCK Time for looking and feeling - Written by Yuka Sano /Photographed by Eri Tatara
■The Story of Kumonotaira mountain villa: Episode 1 Build a house above the clouds - Written and Photographed by Makoto Kemmisaki
■Fudebako ARCHIVES- Vol.3 Magewappa, Odate, Akita prefecture.
Fudebako ARCHIVES are in the special edition, re-edited and enlarged the feature stories appeared in our previous volumes and all written in English to spread them to the world.
This Vol. features Magewappa, a traditional Japanese crafted articles, a food container made by bending thin Japanese cedar woods and Yoshinobu Shibata, a Magewappa artisan having his own unique emphasis on form and material in his works.

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