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A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity ... a fetal brush.

We will make a brush to commemorate your birth with hair (lanugo) that keeps your child's hair beautiful.

Hair growth that begins to grow when the baby is in the tummy.
If you cut your hair even once, the tips will be lost.
Making a fetal brush with hair that has important "hair tips" that has never been scissors is a precious opportunity once in a lifetime.
It has been appreciated since ancient times as a commemorative item for children.

how to order

Please print out the special application form, fill in all the necessary items, and send it with your hair (lanugo).

Dedicated application form (PDF)

  • * Please send the hair with the goal of the amount of hair in the thumb position and the length of the index finger of an adult (male). You can make it even if it is not thick and long, but the finish will be finer. We recommend that you send as much as possible and for as long as possible.
  • * Align the ends of the hair as much as possible and wrap it in a tissue.
  • * It may be slightly reduced at the production stage, so please prepare with a margin in both length and quantity.
  • * We will pay it in writing. (The photo is a production example)
  • * Please note that the size and shaft design of the brush that can be made will differ depending on the amount and nature of the hair.
  • * When shipping, please use a method that can track the situation, such as courier service or delivery record, rather than regular mail.
  • Ear length (production example): Approximately 53 mm, shaft length: Approximately 232 mm
  • 20,000 yen + tax + shipping fee per fetal brush (including name entry fee and paulownia box fee)
  • Payment can only be made by bank transfer (prepayment).
  • Delivery time: about 1 month