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At Hakuhodo, we accept Name-Carving on wooden shafts.
Please use it as a souvenir or gift.

If you wish, please specify the necessary items from the product details screen "Select name".
Please note that there is a charge for entering your name.

Engraving allowance 165 yen (tax included) per bottle
delivery time 2 weeks if the product is in stock (within 2 months depending on the situation)
Minimum lot We accept from one
word count Full-width characters (Kanji, Hiragana, Katakana); up to 8 characters
Half-width (alphanumeric characters); up to 16 characters
* Up to 3 full-width characters / 6 half-width characters for Misako mobile phones and ebony mobile phones
* Mushroom brush and peony brush, ebony Hoshikomine mushroom brush, Hosomimine mushroom brush Kaede, fan brush (Kaede, ebony), Gidayu brush, board brush can only be written vertically up to 3 characters in kanji, hiragana, katakana
Font Full-width (Kanji, Hiragana, Katakana); Regular script (HG regular script)
Half-width (alphanumeric); cursive or Gothic
* In the case of cursive (half-width), the first letter is uppercase and the rest are lowercase.
* In the case of Gothic font, enter your name as described (please enter all uppercase letters if all uppercase letters are acceptable, and all lowercase letters if all lowercase letters are acceptable).
Text color

White, gold, silver, brown, blue
* Some products cannot accept the font color.

  • * Supports kanji, hiragana, katakana, alphabets, and numbers (marks, etc. are not supported except for common kanji)
  • * Hosokoumine Mushroom Brush / Mushroom Brush Wh (ebony, Kaede / Large, Medium, Small), Yachiyo, Water Brush, Portable Lip, etc. cannot be carved on metal products.
  • * Cannot be carved on plastic (synthetic resin) shaft products such as slide faces, fan brushes (fan brushes, fan brush ash squirrels and goats), and cover lips.
  • * The orientation of your name is basically the same as the orientation of logos such as "HAKUHODO".
  • * Basic selection If you wish to put your name on a brush with a short axis such as SS axis, depending on the number of characters you specify, you can put your name on the side of the brush.
  • * We do not accept carry-on products or names after delivery.
  • * Some characters cannot be used, such as abbreviations, environment-dependent characters, Roman numerals and symbols.