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Frequently asked questions

1.I would love to buy a blusher brush but do not know which one I should choose as there are lots of shapes of bristles.
Could you recommend some?

[Shapes of bristles]

Shapes Features Product example
Round and Flat: The most standard shape for bristles of a blusher brush.
You can apply makeup easily to the contours of your face and achieve natural blending of colors.
e.g.: S110, K020
Round and Flat, large: This shape of bristles is more suitable for makeup artists.
Densely packed, large bristles pick up the desired amount of products to provide moderate to full coverage.
e.g.: G501
Pointed: Easy to handle even for makeup beginners as you can easily control blending of colors. e.g.: S103
Round: Excellent for accentuating your orbital bone when you want strong, bright coloring. e.g.: J210
Angled: Good for applying soft coloring. This shape of bristles is suitable for a highlighter brush. e.g.: G503
***Hair Materials also have their own characteristics. Read more.
2.There are many shapes of bristles for finishing and powder brushes.
Could you explain the difference?

[Shapes of bristles]

Shapes Features
Angled: Easy for even makeup beginners, angled bristles will easily offer precision, so you do not need special makeup skills.
Ideal for finishing or highlighting brushes.
Flat: Suitable for finishing and powder brushes.
You can easily glide brushes with flat bristles from side to side, good for contouring.
Round:This standard bristle shape provides moderate coverage but enables you to easily achieve a seamless finish.
Round and Flat:Suitable for a powder brush as it provides a polished look and creates great colors.
Pointed:The pointed shape of bristles offers good control, you will easily achieve natural blending of colors. Suitable for blusher or highlighter brush.
Domed:You can easily achieve a radiant and polished look with this shape of bristles. Buff in a circular motion and glide gently on your skin.
3. Do I need several eye shadow brushes?

It can be quite difficult to achieve the desired finish to your eye makeup with only one brush.
We recommend you have three to five different eye shadow brushes.
For example, brushes for eye shadow base, to blend colors and apply color to the inner or outer corners of your eyes.
If it is our specific product,we recommend
For base:B120
For gradation:B004
For eyes:B005B533

4. I would like my eyebrows to look natural. Can you recommend some good eyebrow brushes?

[Types of eyebrow brushes]

Product number Features
K015 The most standard size for an eyebrow brush. With this brush, applying and smudging color is easy to achieve.
S163 The bristles of this brush are rather short in length and resilient, suitable for drawing thin lines.
This brush works best when you want a natural finish, especially on the area between the arch of the brow to the outer end of the brow.
S162 Use this brush if you want full coverage on your brow by applying liquid product or you desire very thin brows. Also can be used as a eye shadow liner.
G524 This unusually large bristled brush enables you to quickly achieve a natural finish to your brows.
Perfect for smudging color on the area between the arch of the brow and the inner end of the brow.
***Especially those who only use a brow pencil to complete your eyebrows, you should try our eyebrow brushes! The eyebrow pallet contains six natural colors and is reasonably priced. With this, you can easily and quickly achieve a natural look to your brows!
5. I do not know how often I need to wash my brushes.

When the bristles start to contain beads of makeup or do not pick up enough product or you feel discomfort.
Please read more about cleaning makeup brushes in the attached link.
Please note that frequent washing will damage the bristles. Using your brush on a daily basis is the key to making it last for years.

6.>I would like to have highlighter brushes which are able to provide either soft or strong coloring.

The bristles made from soft hairs such as the blue squirrel of S116 or the mix of blue squirrel and goat of B5521 will produce soft coloring.
If you use glittery powder as a highlighter to complete your makeup, J4001 will provide natural coloring.

7. Do you have a retractable blusher brush?

The bristles pop out from the handle when the cap is inserted from the bottom, allowing you to open and close the brush as needed.J601,J602,J603,J601GS

8.I am looking for makeup brushes for powder foundation and blush but do not know which one I should choose as there are too many.
My skin is quite sensitive so I would prefer a gentle brush for everyday use.

For sensitive skin, we recommend you use bristles made from a mix of blue squirrel which is ultra soft on your skin and goat which has natural spring.

9.For makeup beginners, what brush range do you suggest?

We do not especially have a brush range for makeup beginners, but if you choose brushes from our basic selection range, they are quite easy to use for anyone.
Our Basic selection range contains various standard brushes gathered from other ranges.
The brushes from K range used to be for makeup schools and have been our best-selling brushes, they are also shown on our website.

10. I am looking for a powder brush. What is the difference between goat and squirrel?

When makeup is applied with a brush made of goat hair, you will be able to achieve a polished finish.
With a brush made of squirrel hair, natural and sheer coverage can be achieved.

Material Features
Goat: Good for more oily skin. Bristles made from goat are good for disguising pores as it distributes makeup evenly.
You can also achieve a radiant finish using the entire surface of the bristles and by using several strokes.
Suitable for powdery products such as lucent powder.
Blue squirrel: Suitable for dry, sensitive skin. Bristles made from blue squirrel have little spring but are ultra soft, coverage will be natural and sheer.
Less durable, so use the surface of the bristles gently with the handle held flat.
Although it works well for lucent powder, it is not suitable for liquid or oil based products.