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At Hakuhodo the name "Fude" is used to denote a brush.

The hair tip is the most important part for a brush, maintaining it takes lots of skill. Other brush manufacturers lose the hair tip in the production process, cutting all their bristles to the same length. At Hakuhodo we use skilled craftsmen who are able to create a makeup tool keeping the most important element, the hair tip.

This is the reason why we continue to use the name "Fude".
Here at Hakuhodo, we take advantage of the hair tip and the entire surface of the bristles is arranged three-dimensionally.

This hair tip is vital for a fude.
Our fudes offer you perfect control which allows you to freely draw lines of different thickness and tone.
Glide the fude gently and freely on your skin, this helps you achieve a flawless finish.
If used properly, a fude will last longer.

Hakuhodo believes a fude should be a tool which helps you create the complexion and makeup finish you have always dreamt of, creating a natural, flawless finish. Makeup tools to fulfill all your needs.
Hakuhodo not only produce makeup brushes but also other types of brushes. For example, traditional artist or calligraphy brushes, brushes used for menso (painting a doll’s face) and even brushes for industrial use.
We are deeply committed to the development and production of traditional brushes and believe it is essential to carry on the tradition of the fude production method.

All of our fudes are manufactured at our main factory located at the Hakuhodo head office in Hiroshima.
We do not rely on machine manufacturing, but use our inventiveness to manufacture fudes by breaking down the production process and relying on the most skilled craftsmen in their individual field of expertise.

In order to maintain the high quality of production, all our fudes are hand-crafted.

It is our hope that you will love our fudes and that you will always continue to use them.