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Released on October 30, 20202020 Christmas planning
"Sakura Noel Set"

-Coloring with sakura, coloring brightly-

A tool and makeup brush that you use every day to become the person you want to be. Let's brighten up the make-up time because of this era.

Five basic brushes that are easy for anyone to use will be released with a special design just for now.

The cherry-colored shaft and metal fittings that give a warm and calm impression, and the cherry blossom engraving on the bottom of the shaft shine delicately depending on the angle. The special pouch also uses a gamaguchi specification that utilizes traditional Japanese technology. It can protect the tips and is convenient to carry. A glimpse of the cherry blossom pattern also tickles the Japanese spirit.

A set of 5 basic uses, 3 for powder, blush, and eye shadow, which are easy to use without the need for techniques. The eyeshadow brush has a new sensation of "warm" skin, and there is also a hair tuft type that beautifully develops glitter and pearls!

Just use a makeup brush to keep the cosmetics you normally use, and the makeup will last longer, and you can get a natural and desired finish quickly and easily.

"Sakura Noel Set" is a special design only for now! The number available is limited. As soon as possible!

2020 Christmas project "Sakura Noel set"

5 makeup brushes + exclusive gamaguchi pouch
* 1,000 sets available. As soon as possible!
* We plan to ship in the order of reception after the release date of 10/30 (Friday). Please note.

Base price:16,400Yen + tax

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  • * Only machine carving is available. Please note that hand carving is not available.
  • * It will take more time than usual (shipping will start from 10/30 (Friday) in the order of reception) before delivery.

Introducing the 2020 Christmas project "Sakura Noel Set" in detail!

  1. Photo makeup brush, in order from left ---
  2. Powder goat / synthetic fiber [Hair length: 50.0 mm, total length: 170.0 mm]
    A popular powder brush with an orthodox shape that fits the small parts around the eyes and nose and plenty of hair. Since there are bristles on the entire tip of the ear, simply slide the brush from the center of the face to the outside to quickly and evenly adhere the powder to create a glossy skin that does not crumble.
  3. Teak Maruhei goat / synthetic fiber [Hair length: 46.0 mm, total length: 166.0 mm]
    A popular cheek brush that gives a soft and soft color due to its exquisite hair length and shape. You can easily enjoy a very natural gradation just by rolling the brush and gently sliding it. A small amount of synthetic fiber is blended to make the goat wool, which is strong and durable, and the tips of the ears cohesive.
  4. Eye shadow goat / synthetic fiber [Hair length: 18.0 mm, total length: 153.0 mm]
    A brush that has been reborn as a makeup brush from the hair tress that has been used for gold powder in traditional crafts. For around the eyes and nose. Because it uses chewy goat wool, the color is good and the glitter is beautifully shining.
  5. Eyeshadow goat [Hair length: 11.5 mm, total length: 146.5 mm]
    A shadow brush for eye holes that creates a natural look with exquisite hair length. Starting from the position where you want to develop the color, such as the creases in your eyes, move the brush slightly upwards. For eyes with a very natural color and a three-dimensional effect. Another feature of the brush is the ability to blend colors.
  6. Eyeshadow horse [Hair length: 6.3 mm, total length: 141.3 mm]
    Shadow liner brush for tightening gradation of Kiwa. The wide side is when you put the eye shadow firmly on the edge of your eyes. Also when drawing a line using the thin side. The hair length is short and stable color development can be obtained. The hair is resistant to oil and moisture, so it is also suitable for liquid, gel-like eyeliner, and cream-type shadows. Also for eyebrows.
  7. Dedicated gamaguchi pouch [Approximately 95 x 210 x 20 (gusset) mm]
    Uses a convenient opening and closing specification. While utilizing the technology traditionally handed down in Japan, it is possible to compactly store voluminous brushes while protecting the tips of important makeup brushes.

  • * Polyurethane resin is used for the case, and it is said that deterioration (peeling / stickiness) begins in about 3 years with the passage of time regardless of the number of times it is used.
    * The brush uses natural hair, and there may be slight individual differences in the color of the hair.
    * The image and design may differ slightly. Please note that.
    * Please note that the colors may differ depending on the viewing environment.
    * Made in Japan
  • 2020 Christmas project "Sakura Noel set"

    5 makeup brushes + exclusive gamaguchi pouch
    * 1,000 sets available. As soon as possible!
    * We plan to ship in the order of reception after the release date of 10/30 (Friday). Please note.

    Base price:16,400Yen + tax

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