2019 Mother's Day Special Gift

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2019.4.19 release2019 Mother's Day Planning
Special gift

A gift for your loved ones with a feeling of gratitude. Introducing a new product that is also recommended as a reward for yourself.

The soft and gentle powder brush makes it possible to finish makeup quickly, easily and beautifully. Please also use the care products so that you can use it for a long time.

Because it is a tool that you use every day, you can be convinced of the high quality. This is a project only for now. As the number of items available is limited, please do so as soon as possible.

Powder brush ash squirrel, goat [hair length: 50.0 mm, total length: 165.0 mm]
An orthodox powder brush. Although it is thin, it is suitable for applying powder firmly and evenly. We use a blend of ash squirrel and goat hair that has both moderate elasticity and good skin feel.

2019 Mother's Day Special Gift

1 makeup brush + brush case + transparent soap uncolored 30G + brush wipe BE
* 100 sets available
* Web reception will be shipped in the order of reception after 4/19 (Friday). Please note.

Base price:13,200Yen + tax

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  • * Only machine carving is available. Please note that hand carving is not available.
  • * It will take more time than usual (about 10 days) to deliver.
  • * Polyurethane resin is used for the case, and it is said that deterioration (peeling / stickiness) begins in about 3 years with the passage of time regardless of the number of times it is used.
    * The brush uses natural hair, and there may be slight individual differences in the color of the hair.
    * The image and design may differ slightly. Please note that.
    * Please note that the colors may differ depending on the viewing environment.
    * Made in Japan