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Released on November 1, 20172017 Christmas
"Blue Midori Set"

-A tool "brush" that fulfills the desire to be

A 5-piece set that realizes total makeup easily, quickly, and beautifully will be released with a special design only for now. From the new series "Fan Family Series" with an innovative fan shape, we have adopted three popular and easy-to-use brushes (powder brush, shadow brush size, and eyebrow brush).

A special axis that only has a gradation from both ends, from a blue color to a blue-white porcelain color. The delicate pearls that give a sense of transparency and depth give off an elegant shine every time you make up. The engraving of the "HAKUHODO" logo also shines delicately depending on the angle, with blue and white porcelain as the background color.

A set of 5 for basic purposes that is easy to use without the need for techniques. Powder, blush, large eyeshadow, small eyeshadow, eyebrow. The dedicated pouch is a turquoise-colored gauze type that can be stored compactly with one-touch opening and closing. In addition, it comes with a "brush wipe" for daily brush care.

Special design only for now! Not only as a gift, but also as a reward for yourself. The number available is limited. As soon as possible!

2017 Christmas "Blue Midori Set"

5 makeup brushes + brush wipes + special pouch
* 1,000 sets available. As soon as possible!
* We plan to ship in the order of reception after the release date of November 1st (Wednesday). Please note.

Base price:16,800Yen + tax

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If you order your name together, you will have a special set that is unique in the world!

[Caution] There is a charge for entering your name (150 yen + tax per bottle, 5 bottles). Please specify the details from the shopping cart screen.

  • * Only machine carving is available. Please note that hand carving is not available.
  • * It will take more time than usual (about 10 days) to deliver.

Introducing the 2017 Christmas "Midori Set" in detail!

  1. Photo makeup brush, in order from left ---
  2. Powder goat [Hair length: 48.0 mm, total length: 178.0 mm]
    A new powder brush featuring a fan shape that spreads softly and roundly. Since there are bristles on the entire surface, powder can be applied quickly, evenly and evenly. Depending on the angle used, it fits fine parts around the eyes and nose. There is plenty of hair, so let's squeeze the brush and slide it outward from the center of the face to evenly adhere the powder.
  3. Teak goat / synthetic fiber [Hair length: 40.0 mm, total length: 170.0 mm]
    An orthodox cheek brush that creates a gorgeous and three-dimensional effect. Tip calculated to fit the skeleton and give a natural color. You can easily enjoy a very natural gradation just by rolling the brush and gently sliding it.
  4. Large eyeshadow ash squirrel [Hair length: 12.0 mm, total length: 149.5 mm]
    An eyeshadow brush that creates a natural eye area with a fan shape of exquisite hair length. The characteristic bud-like shape has bristles on the entire surface, so the color can be captured firmly. You can also blur the color by using the tip, and you can easily create a gradation.
  5. Small eyeshadow weasel [Hair length: 6.3 mm, total length: 141.3 mm]
    Shadow brush for tightening gradation of Kiwa. The wide side is when you put the eye shadow firmly on the edge of your eyes. Also when drawing a line using the thin side. The hair length is short and stable color development can be obtained. Since the hair is resistant to oil and moisture, it is also suitable for liquid and gel eyeliner and kneading type shadows.
  6. Eyebrow synthetic fiber [Hair length: 6.0 mm, total length: 143.5 mm]
    An eyebrow brush that allows you to quickly draw very natural eyebrows with a new fan shape and exquisite width. Because of its elasticity, you can use it upright to draw fine and clear lines, and you can use the sides of the brush to blur it, and you can also spread the liquid or cream thinly. Also for partial concealers.
  7. Brush wipe Wh [Outer dimensions: approx. 250 x 250 mm, 100% polyester]
    "Brush wipe" for comfortable use of the brush
    Immediately removing dirt after using the brush is the key to keeping the brush clean and using it for a long time.
    We have developed it with a focus on the material and fiber density, with the first priority being to keep the brush clean easily.
    After daily makeup, you can easily and easily remove stains on your brush without getting your hands dirty.
    If it gets dirty, you can wash it and use it repeatedly.
    → Click here for details
  8. Dedicated pouch [Outer dimensions: Approximately 210 x 110 x 20 mm (including mouthpiece) 4 holders + 4 pockets]
    Gamaguchi specifications that can be opened and closed with one touch. Utilizing techniques traditionally handed down in Japan, it can be stored compactly while protecting the important tips of makeup brushes. The lining, which is easily soiled, can be wiped with water. A voluminous brush for powder and cheeks can be stored neatly. Thin brushes for eye shadow and eyebrow are in the left pocket. Since the pocket has two steps, you can store small tools such as cotton swabs, puffs, and tweezers together. Comes with a protective cover to prevent damage to the ends of the hair. Turquoise ultra-microfiber suede is used for the outer material. A traditional yet stylish case for makeup brushes.

  • * Polyurethane resin is used for the case, and it is said that deterioration (peeling / stickiness) begins in about 3 years with the passage of time regardless of the number of times it is used.
    * The brush uses natural hair, and there may be slight individual differences in the color of the hair.
    * The image and design may differ slightly. Please note that.
    * Please note that the colors may differ depending on the viewing environment.
    * Made in Japan
  • 2017 Christmas "Blue Midori Set"

    5 makeup brushes + brush wipes + special pouch
    * 1,000 sets available. As soon as possible!
    * We plan to ship in the order of reception after the release date of November 1st (Wednesday). Please note.

    Base price:16,800Yen + tax

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