Draw natural eyebrows! Renewal of "Eyebrow Palette" proposed by brush makers

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July 2012
アイブロウ パレット

Are you drawing a sticky eyebrow using one color from the inside of the eyebrow to the end of the eyebrow?

Eyebrow makeup that greatly changes the impression of the face.

The Eyebrow Palette is an eyebrow palette developed by Hakuhodo in the hope that you will draw your eyebrows with a brush.

With a brush, you can quickly and easily complete a very natural eyebrow makeup! A major feature of the brush is that you can mix colors. Creating a subtle color that suits you is a skill that can only be done with a brush. Add nuance to your eyebrows according to your hair color, season, and clothing color.

All 6 colors are familiar to the skin. It is also useful as an eyeshadow and eyeliner.

Eyebrow palette

price:2,835Yen (tax included)

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All 6 colors that are familiar to the skin! Also useful as an eyeshadow or eyeliner!

Introducing all 6 colors in the photo on the right in detail.
Really for eyebrows! ?? If you apply a color that you think you would like with a brush, it will be surprisingly familiar to your skin.
A palette that makes drawing eyebrows fun!

A light brown
Easy to use as a blended color with each color. Use it on the corners of the eyebrows for a natural finish.

B red brown
For coloring rather than warm colors. The result is a bright and youthful impression.

C light gray
Recommended for those with ash coloring and those with black hair. The result is a soft impression.

D olive
For matte coloring and black hair. The result is a calm impression.

E Gold
For light coloring, mix it with other colors for a natural look. A color that blends well with the skin and is also popular as an eye shadow.

F dark brown (wet & dry)
For those who want to draw their eyebrows clearly or as a shadow liner. The liner brush can be used as a water-soluble eyeliner by soaking it in a small amount of water.

Eyebrow palette

price:2,835Yen (tax included)

Buy from here