Basic 20 Piece Brush Set

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The Basic Sets for Different Purposes A set of 20 basic brushes for the joy of makeup. Enjoy a variety of finishes and textures. Makeup becomes more fun!
Includes: J100, J206, J103, J110, I520B, I539B, J5521, J4004, J220, J5522, J5523, J5533, J004, J005, J533, J181, J5549, J163HSH, I007N3, I523N6B, N Soft Case MM Black
*The handle type is selectable from the following; BkSM, ShSL, BkSL, ShSL
*Due to specification changes, the metal fittings of the case may differ from those shown in the photo.

Use application Sets of basic items for different purposes!
Handle Wood
Ferrule Nickel-plated brass
Sets of basic items for different purposes! Sets for different needs of applying makeup are available. These are basic sets with a selection of essential brushes to suit each purpose.

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