2021 Summer - The secret of beauty

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”The secret of beauty = Makeup brushes of Hakuhodo”
Being beautiful is not for others but yourself.
Discover self-actualization in beauty with a set of carefully selected five brushes.
Use quality brushes makes your everyday makeup will be effortless, quicker and more sophisticated.
Makes a perfect gift for somebody special or a secret treat for yourself.
The elegant pink and beige gradation with Sakura petals motif is a limited edition design with limited numbers.

Use application2021 Summer Special Project

---  2021 Summer Special Project--The secret of beauty  ---

□Powder brush Goat〔Hair length:50.0mm Total length:170.0mm〕
An essential powder brush with plenty of goat hair. Use the brush horizontally on the skin and gently slide over to apply face powder flawlessly. It fits the contour of the eyes and nose by flattening the brush hairs with fingers.

□Blush brush Goat&Synthetic Fiber〔Hair length:40.0mm Total length:160.0mm〕
A round-shape blush brush with supple hairs that hugs the cheekbones. It is enabling you to create a beautiful and natural gradation of color easily. The color appears sharpened by moving it in one direction and can also be suitable for contouring.

□Highlight brush Goat&Synthetic FIber〔Hair length:30.0mm Total length:165.0mm〕
A highlight brush to add a little playfulness to your everyday makeup. Allows you to apply color evenly and thinly on the skin with the gentle touch as the hair's tips are about touching the skin. It is convenient to use when spreading a shimmering powder evenly or building a shade with thin layers to the ideal intensity.

□Eyeshadow brush Goat〔Hair length:16.0mm Total length:151.0mm〕
An eyeshadow brush has moderate elasticity and excellent color development. Pick up the eyeshadow with a gentle slide on the surface of the bristle. Start with a few gentle taps using the hair tips, then slide it lightly right to left to blend the color naturally.

□Eyeshadow brush Horse〔Hair length:4.5mm Total length:139.5mm〕
A brush with an ideal width and length for applying eyeshadow to the lashline. A perfectly filled-up lashline makes your eyes more beautiful and defined. Place a similar color of eyeshadow to your eyelash using this brush's hair tips and gently move it left and right to fill the gap quickly.

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