2021 Beginners Set

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A set of 5 makeup brushes that allows you to finish makeup "quickly, easily, and reliably" by simply sliding it lightly on your skin.

The axis expresses a pale cherry color while making the best use of the grain of wood.
It is also recommended as a gift for those who are about to enter a new life, such as going on to school or getting a job.

Good quality because it is a tool that you use every day.
This is a limited project only for now.

Products that can be personalized [Caution] There is a charge for personalizing (165 yen (tax included) x 5 per bottle). Please specify the details from the shopping cart screen. * It may take longer than usual to deliver.

Use 2021 Beginners Set
Axis material / color Wood axis / cherry color
Metal fitting material / color Brass / pink gold

----- Introducing the 2021 Beginners Set in detail! -----

□ Powder brush Goat / Synthetic fiber [Hair length; 40.0mm, Overall length; 145.0mm]
A powder brush that features a fan shape that spreads softly and roundly. Since there are bristles on the entire surface, you can spread the powder quickly, evenly and evenly.

□ Cheek brush goat [hair length; 38.0, total length; 143.0]
The most orthodox cheek brush. The tips are calculated to fit the skeleton and give a natural color, giving a soft and natural gradation. It has high controllability and can be used for almighty.

□ Eyeshadow brush goat [hair length; 16.0, total length: 131.0]
An eyeshadow brush for eye holes that has both good skin feel and moderate elasticity, and also has excellent color development. It is also resistant to water and oil, so it can also be used for liquids and creams.

□ Eyeshadow brush Goat / Synthetic fiber [Hair length; 6.3, Overall length; 121.3]
An eyeshadow brush that is strong and provides stable color development. Recommended for adding lines and gradations to the edges of the eyes.

□ Eyebrow brush Water Mujina [Hair length; 10.0, Overall length; 120.0]
This eyebrow brush is recommended for those who want a more natural eyebrow finish. Since the color is blurred by a professional, it is also ideal for blurring from Mt. Bizan to the inside of the eye.

* The brush uses natural hair, and there may be slight individual differences in the color of the hair.
* The image and design may differ slightly. Please note that.
* Please note that the colors may differ depending on the viewing environment.

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