2021 Winter Set

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A set of basic and comfort-to-use makeup brushes guide you a more beautiful and attractive impression.
It is perfect for a gift for loved ones or a treat for yourself.
Quality tools upgrade your everyday life.
Special editioned with limited numbers.

Use application 2021 Winter Set
Handle Wood
Ferrule brass

----- Set Details - 2021 Winter Set -----

□Blush Brush Goat&Synthetic fibers [Hair Length: 40.0 mm Total Length: 145.0mm]
A blush brush to create a sophisticated look. The densely packed bristles provide excellent color development, building a natural color layer effortlessly. Also suitable for highlighting.

□Eye Shadow Brush Goat [Hair Length: 16.0mm Total Length: 131.0mm]
An eyeshadow brush for eye contours that provides an excellent coloration with a moderate resilience and a smooth texture. Resistant to water and oil, allowing use with liquid and cream eyeshadows.

□Eye Shadow Brush Horse [Hair Length: 8.0 mm Total Length: 123.0 mm]
A useful eyeshadow brush for creating a bold eye line on the edge of a lash line. With a light touch and a minimal brush motion to create a naturally blended eyeline. A little extra routine will bring out a more natural look.

□Eye Shadow Brush Horse [Hair Length: 7.0 mm Total Length: 122.0 mm]
This short-hair-length eye shadow brush has excellent durability and provides solid and precise color development. Using the entire side of the brush allows easily creating color gradations along an eye edge. Also works well for eyebrows.

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