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December 2015

"Seven tools made by Hakuhodo" has been renewed!
The "Seven Tools made by Hakuhodo" has been reborn, which allows you to easily and quickly obtain a very natural and hard-to-collapse finish that you can feel only with a brush.

Select brushes for applications that greatly affect the impression of the face. From cheeks and highlights to eye makeup, from the desire to draw eyebrows that tend to look unnatural with a brush, to the new eyebrow palette. The timeless natural color shaft and glossy black metal fittings are stylish!

It is a set that has a set of indispensable basic tools while incorporating trends. Convenient transparent soap uncolored and with a special pouch!

New seven tools made by Hakuhodo

6 makeup brushes + eyebrow palette + transparent soap uncolored 30G + dedicated pouch

Base price:20,800Yen + tax

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Glossy skin! A shortcut to perfect base makeup!See "New Three Sacred Treasures"

If you order your name together, you will have a special set that is unique in the world!

[Caution] There is a charge for entering your name (150 yen + tax per bottle, 6 bottles). Please specify the details from the shopping cart screen.

  • * Only machine carving is available. Please note that hand carving is not available.
  • * It will take more time than usual (about 10 days) to deliver.
  • * If the text color is not specified, it will be "Brown".

Introducing "Seven Tools Made by Hakuhodo" in detail!

  1. Photographs, from left to right ---
  2. Tool 1 teak goat [Hair length: 38 mm, total length: 143 mm]
    An orthodox cheek brush that creates a gorgeous and three-dimensional effect. Tip calculated to fit the skeleton and give a natural color. You can easily enjoy a very natural gradation just by rolling the brush and gently sliding it.
  3. Tool 2 Highlight Ash Squirrel / Goat [Hair length: 32 mm, total length: 147 mm]
    A highlight brush with a unique calculated pointed shape and a wide coloring surface that even beginners can easily control. Since there are hair tips on the entire tip, you can get the color you want. Place the highlights on the high areas of the face, nose, forehead (T zone), eyes (C zone), chin, and other areas that you want to look high. You can get a very natural three-dimensional effect with just one brush of makeup.
  4. Tool 3 Eyeshadow Pine Squirrel North Amunican Squirrel [Hair length: 11.5 mm, total length: 126.5 mm]
    A shadow brush for eye holes that creates a deep eye area. Starting from the position where you want to develop the color, such as the creases in your eyes, move the brush slightly upwards. The color is soft and fluffy on the skin to create a three-dimensional look.
  5. Tool 4 Shadow Liner Itachi [Hair length: 6.3 mm, total length: 121.3 mm]
    Shadow liner brush for tightening gradation of Kiwa. The wide side is when you put the eye shadow firmly on the edge of your eyes. Also when drawing a line using the thin side. Since the hair is resistant to oil and moisture, it is also suitable for liquid and gel eyeliner and kneading type shadows.
  6. Tool 5 eyeshadow horse [Hair length: 10 mm, total length: 125 mm]
    A shadow brush that is convenient when you want to add a relatively thick line to the edges of your eyes or when you want to blur the liquid liner. Instead of trying to pull it all at once, take advantage of the shape of the tip and slide it little by little with a light touch to create a natural line that looks like it is blurred. For a very natural eye area with a little effort after liquid.
  7. Tool 6 Eyebrow Water Mujina [Hair length: 5 mm, total length: 120 mm]
    An eyebrow brush that creates natural eyebrows. A natural, blurred eyebrow is quickly achieved. Since the width is moderately wide, it is easy to draw symmetrically, and it is also ideal for blurring from Mt. Bizan to the inner corner of the eye, which tends to be unnatural.
  8. Tool 7 Eyebrow Palette A very popular eyebrow palette that has been renewed and released. By using a brush, you can quickly and easily draw symmetrical natural eyebrows as you imagined. Goodbye to the unnatural eyebrows that use one color! → Click here for details

       Standard weight 30g

      A simple transparent soap that you can use your brush comfortably.

      A transparent soap for brush care developed by Hakuhodo, a brush manufacturer.

      After a long aging period and careful polishing work one by one, a high quality transparent soap is completed!

      I omitted extra ingredients for the brush and stuck to a simple prescription as much as possible.

→ Click here for details

       [6 holders + 1 pocket External dimensions: Approximately 180 x 110 x 65 mm]

    Shallow vanity type pouch. A combination of champagne gold and black tailored to the brush design. The holder can also store extra-thick brushes. The holder part is designed to be deep so that it will not slip off even with a voluminous brush. There is also a zipper pocket on the partition, which is convenient for storing accessories, pins, medicine, etc. Of course, cosmetics are also crunchy!
  • * Polyurethane resin is used for the pouch, and it is said that deterioration (peeling / stickiness) begins in about 3 years with the passage of time regardless of the number of times it is used.
    * This product uses a finishing method that makes the most of the texture, and there may be slight individual differences.
    * The image and design may differ slightly. Please note that.
    * Please note that the colors may differ depending on the viewing environment.
  • New seven tools made by Hakuhodo

    6 makeup brushes + eyebrow palette + transparent soap uncolored 30G + dedicated pouch

    Base price:20,800Yen + tax

    Buy from here

    Glossy skin! A shortcut to perfect base makeup!See "New Three Sacred Treasures"